Doing yoga is much more than moving the body, gaining flexibility, listening to it ... It is a philosophy that invites us to rethink lifestyles, caring for and also strengthening the mind and spirit. In addition, it has a wonderful advantage over other disciplines: it does not require more than a couple of meters, a towel or canvas and little else. That is why more and more are joining the trend of practicing yoga at home. 
  • It is important that you achieve create an appropriate environment. If you can designate a place to do yoga and prepare it for that purpose even for a little while a day, the whole scene will favor your practice. You can achieve this with simple things such as adequate music, correct lighting and some elements that summon calm, such as flowers, cushions, blankets or candles.
  • It is also key to put together a routine. First of all, to sustain the practice over time. Also, to motivate you and enjoy advancing in your postures and your flexibility. Being regular and consistent will give you many benefits. The ideal is to set days and times and try to respect it.

Yoga clothes

If sporty chic is in fashion, the yogi style sets trends all over the world and is expressed both in clothing and in decoration.

For practical reasons, yoga clothing is comfortable, made from soft, lightweight fabrics. Think that you are going to try to stretch yourself to the limit of your possibilities and that everything must favor breathing and blood circulation. It is key that the fabric does not limit your movements.

You dare to start !!

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